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North America, Mexico, Puerto Rico
Tel: 800-228-3865
Fax: 775-824-7656

South America, Central America and Asia
Tel: 775-824-7634
Fax: 775-824-7656

Europe, Middle East, Africa and India
Tel: +49.5192.98.97.0
Fax: +49.5192.98.97.15

Sales Offices


EP Minerals, a U.S. Silica Company
9785 Gateway Dr.
Reno, NV 89521
Tel: 775-824-7600
Fax: 775-824-7601

Europe, Mid-East, Africa and India

EP Minerals Europe GmbH & Co KG
Rehrhofer Weg 115
Munster, Germany
Tel: +49.5192.98.97.0
Fax: +49.5192.98.97.15

Asia & Australia

EP Minerals China (Hong Kong)
Tel: +852.6710.0410

EP Minerals South America (Brazil)
Tel: +55.11.98915.4079

Processing Plants

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