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EP Minerals employees providing technical support EP Minerals diatomaceous earth mine

EP Minerals mines, processes and markets quality diatomite, perlite and clay products. We are one of the top producers and distributors of diatomaceous earth, perlite and bentonite clay worldwide. Our products are used as filter aids, absorbents, functional additives and soil amendments.

EP Minerals products are used in a wide array of applications including food & beverage, swimming pool, biofuel, landscape, sports turf, insecticides, energy, paints, plastics, automotive, and many others. EP Minerals also produces patented water purification media and arsenic removal products. EP's business is global and we ship direct to nearly 100 countries worldwide. Our substantial ore reserves, multiple manufacturing sites, rich new product pipeline and global distribution network position EP Minerals for continuous growth well into the future.

EP Minerals' Specialties

Diatomite, perlite, industrial minerals, mining, filter aids, functional additives for plastics, paint, and other applications, absorbents, clay, diatomaceous earth and water purification.

We're looking for great people.

We are looking for talented individuals with experience in the fields of absorbents, filter aids, carriers, functional fillers, coating agents, catalyst supports, and quality soil amendments. Highly-qualified individuals who possess a variety of skill sets and core competencies are essential in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers. Our team of talented professionals is dedicated to total quality management and supports our continued growth as a company.

EP Minerals is a growth-oriented, profit driven company that offers a stimulating and rewarding work environment. We offer excellent compensation and benefit packages with most benefits effective on the first day of employment. Moreover, we offer career growth and an opportunity to contribute to the growth of an exciting organization.

If you are a highly motivated individual, you may be what EP Minerals is looking for. Please click on the job openings link for a listing of open positions.

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