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Almost every industry around the world uses one of EP Minerals' incredible minerals. Our products are critical to over 100 industries and we sell into 70 countries. DE is used in swimming pool filtration, paint and plastics, animal feed, oil absorbents, pharmaceuticals, and in the wastewater and petrochemical industries. DE is also used in food and beverage, corn wet milling, potable water, and fruit juices. Granular clay absorbent products are used in pet litter, environmental remediation, oil spill removal, sports fields and golf courses. EP Minerals also produces patented water purification media and arsenic removal products. Please choose your industry from the list below for more information.

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Our Top Industries


Today, EP Minerals' brands are highly recognized throughout the automotive industry and are distributed by many of the major automotive aftermarket retailers and distributors. The industry has trusted the performance, quality, and service of EP Minerals' products for more than 30 years.


The beverage industry is enormous and includes manufacturers of soft drinks, fruit drinks, bottled water, energy drinks, coffee and tea based products and alcoholic products. One common denominator to most of these beverages is that they are filtered with EP Minerals' Celatom® diatomaceous earth and perlite filter aids.


Chemical production facilities generate large volumes of liquids that contain varying degrees of particulate matter from it's respective process. Celatom® diatomaceous and perlite filter aids provide a very cost-effective means of separation of the process solids from the very valuable products being produced and can operate in extreme conditions.

Corn wet milling

Our diatomaceous earth products are used in corn wet milling filtration to produce corn oil, high fructose corn syrups, a variety of starches for paper, food and industrial use, dextrose and acids.

Edible oils

Today, filtration is a key process step in reliable and consistent production of vegetable oils, edible oils and related food products. The most economical, flexible and reliable filtration method for this industry is Mineral Pre-Coat Filtration (MPCF) using diatomaceous earth, perlite, cellulose, or combinations of these filter aids to remove gums, free fatty acids, moisture, gels and colloidal impurities from the oil.


For almost 100 years, diatomaceous earth filtration has been the workhorse of food and beverage processing, and it continues to produce high-quality filtrates more economically than most liquid/solid separation technologies.


Industrial customers use our products in a wide variety of ways for a number of different applications. We offer a large selection of absorbent products used for internal and external spill and oil clean up. Our filtration products are used by chemical producers, for paint & coatings, for wastewater and in the steel and metallurgy industries. Our functional additive products are used in rubber, tires, plastics, construction, and as an antiblock.

Oil and gas

Pre-coat filtration using diatomaceous earth (DE) and perlite filter aids plays a critical role in modern oil and gas exploration and production. DE or perlite provide economical and high-volume removal of total suspended solids (TSS) and trace hydrocarbons.

Paint and coatings

EP Minerals' functional fillers have been proven effective for many years in paint, stucco, and coating applications. These unique products, made from trillions of microscopic diatoms, make Celatom® and CelaBrite® the world's finest paint pigment extenders and flatting agents.


Today's manufacturers that process and purify sweeteners, including sugars, caloric sweeteners such as corn and sugar syrups, sugar alcohols and high-intensity or non-caloric/non-nutritive sweeteners, use Celatom® diatomaceous earth and perlite filter aids.

Swim pool

For over 50 years, EP Minerals' brands have been the worldwide choice for swimming pool and spa filtration products. EP Minerals unique diatomaceous earth and perlite have the chemical characteristics that make our products the perfect filter media for the swimming pool and spa industry.


As tighter and tighter restrictions are enacted on discharged water from industrial plants due to environmental concerns, there is a growing need for more effective industrial wastewater treatment methods. Two key components of these treatment methods are mechanical (physical) separation and sludge dewatering. Celatom® diatomaceous earth and perlite filter aids play a key role in this separation technology.

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