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Industrial minerals are defined as non-metallic minerals produced from natural sources. Here at EP Minerals, we focus on diatomaceous earth (DE), perlite, clay and cellulose. These incredibly high-quality minerals are used in an extremely broad range of applications in everyday life - both industrial and domestic. Without these minerals, a vast range of products would simply not exist. In an average day, you probably come in contact with over 100 items that have been manufactured or processed from our industrial minerals. We believe that our unique ore deposits are the key reason that our products are of such high quality. Year over year, our customers tell us that they choose us because of the incredible quality of our products and the fact that we "hit the spec" consistently on the products they need.

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Our Top Minerals

Cellulose fibers sem 600x450

Cellulose fibers are derived from purified virgin wood pulp. Cellulose is an ashless product and is relatively inert to acids, alkalis and solvents. It is the preferred filter media for processes sensitive to silica and is a versatile functional additive. EP Minerals offers two cellulose-based product lines: Pre-co-Floc® and Dialose®. Pre-co-Floc is a 100% pure cellulose powdered product. Dialose is a blend of Celatom® DE and Pre-co-Floc cellulose.

Diatomaceous earth de sem 600x450

EP Minerals' high quality Celatom ® DE deposits consist exclusively of freshwater diatoms with up to 98% of the Aulacoseira species. The cylindrical shape and high pore volume of these diatoms provide high mechanical strength, natural filtration and absorption capabilities. Due to these characteristics, EP Minerals' DE is a high performance filter aid and is ideal for a multitude of functional additive applications. Celatom diatomite is surface-mined from our deposits located in Nevada and Oregon.

Montmorillonite clay sem 600x450

Montmorillonite clay is mined from deposits of calcium bentonite (fuller's earth) found in Tennessee. These “books" of clay platelets are bound together by calcium ions. Montmorillonite clay is thermally processed to produce granular products used as absorbents and carriers in a wide variety of industrial, automotive, sports turf, agricultural and functional additive applications.

Perlite sem 600x450

Perlite is a hydrated, naturally-occurring volcanic glass. Its unique structure consists of numerous concentric layers, similar to the layers of an onion. When heated above 1600º F, the water bound in the rock vaporizes, causing perlite to expand up to 20 times its original size. The resulting product has an extremely low bulk density. Celatom® Perlite's inert composition meets most purity requirements and is effective for a wide range of filtration applications, especially those requiring high throughput and moderate clarity.

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Mineral Blends

Filtrox filter 1 600x450

EP Minerals' Dialose® products are a pre-blended, easy-to-use product composed of high quality, Celatom diatomaceous earth (DE) and Pre-co-Floc cellulose fibers.

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