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EP Minerals is a global producer of engineered materials derived from industrial minerals including diatomaceous earth (DE), clay (calcium bentonite) and perlite. These unique industrial minerals are used as filter aids, absorbents and functional additives for a variety of industries including food and beverage, biofuels, swim pool, oil and gas, farm and home, landscape, sports turf, paint, plastics, and insecticides.

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Incredibly high-quality, high-consistency diatomaceous earth, perlite and blended filter aids for wine, beer, juices, oils, swim pool, water, edible oil, sweeteners, corn wet milling, pharmaceutical, and any other filtration application. EP Minerals' Celatom filter aid is the industry standard for excellent filtration performance.

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Our minerals make what they are added to better – from paint & coatings to plastics, to catalysts, to dental, cosmetics and rubber. Our functional additives are excellent pigment extenders, flatting agents, thickening agents, and fillers.

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From the automotive industry to landscaping, to golf and sports field, EP Minerals’ diatomaceous earth and Montmorillonite clay products are the recognized natural mineral absorbent solutions. Field-proven industrial, janitorial and unique home products for farm and ranch - absorbents, insecticides, soil amendments, and fertilizer carriers that are economical and efficient.

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Discover Engineered Clays

Bleaching clays, mineral adsorbents, and catalysts. High-quality products used in the oleochemical industry for edible oil and biodiesel purification, aromatics purification, solid acid catalysis, nitrogen removal, copper refining, dimerization, lube oil refining and metal coolants.

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Did You Know?

Diatomaceous earth (DE), also known as kieselguhr or diatomite, consists of the biogenic skeletons of millions of microscopic unicellular plants known as diatoms. During the late Tertiary Period (5 to 20 million years ago), massive deposits of these diatoms were formed in the freshwater lakes which covered much of what is now Nevada and eastern Oregon. Today, DE has hundreds of uses. It's a filtration media to filter liquids such as water, beer, wine, and chemicals. It's a functional additive in products such as paint, plastics, rubber, and insecticides It's an absorbent for cat litter and floor dry, and as a source of silica in calcium and other silicates.

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