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Around the world, diatomaceous earth, perlite, clay and cellulose are used for hundreds of different functions every day, across a wide variety of industries. The quality and uniqueness of EP Minerals ore deposits, no matter the mineral, are fundamental to the incredible functionality of these incredible minerals. Please choose the function you need from the list below for more information.

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Our Top Functions


For over 60 years, EP Minerals has been leading the way in absorbent technology and helping clean up the world. From small floor spills to large scale industrial accidents and hazardous waste spills, our absorbent products made from diatomaceous earth and montmorillonite clay continue to meet the challenge.

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A filter aid is a fine powder which, when added to the liquid to be filtered, helps control flow and solids removal. It does not interfere chemically with the liquid being filtered and is not readily compacted nor compressed by pressure. The filtration is a mechanical, not a chemical action – essentially, “straining" on a microscopic scale.

Haze control

Many brewers are looking for their filter aid to control haze in their beer and want to produce the clearest beer possible. Diatomaceous earth filters remove fine particles from beer without affecting the color, flavor, or body of the beer. DE is used by 90% of the most experienced brewers in the world today.

Kills insects

EP Minerals' DEsect™ Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Insecticide is produced from a very unique source of DE that has shown to be more effective than any other DE insecticide product on the market today for killing insects. Independent studies show that DEsect is clearly better for insect control.

Drying agent

We produce several products for several different industries to help with Moisture Control. Our complete line of Groundskeepers' Choice sports field products are just what you need to get your baseball or softball infields dry and playable when they're wet and muddy, as well as drying up the warning tracks and practice areas. Our fertilizer carrier and soil amendment products will help you use less water and keep the water on the crops, golf courses or landscaping. Our natural equine arena product absorbs moisture and controls dust.

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Our functional fillers have been proven effective for many years in paint, stucco, and coatings applications. These unique products, made from trillions of microscopic diatoms, make Celatom and CelaBrite the world's finest paint pigment extenders and flatting agents.

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Pre-coat filtration using DE and perlite filter aids plays a critical role in modern oil and gas exploration and production. DE or perlite provide economical and high-volume removal of total suspended solids (TSS) and trace hydrocarbons.

Anti caking

EP Minerals' unique diatomaceous earth products are 100% natural bio minerals consisting of microscopic diatoms from ancient lake beds. These diatoms have a high absorption capacity, as well as other unique properties. The high absorption capacity makes them ideal anti-caking agents which limit clumping, especially with bulk storage and transfer applications.

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Diatomaceous earth is used extensively as a filter aid in industrial processing for food products around the world today for solid-liquid separation. DE is not only used in filtering edible oils, but also in soy sauce, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, shortening, and thousands of other cooking products on grocery store shelves.

Water retention

EP Minerals' AxisDE® diatomaceous earth and Axis Ceramic® calcined clay products increase plant available water. Increased available water means that these products hold moisture in reserve for use by plants during drought conditions.

Other EP Minerals Functions

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