EP Minerals Test Methods: Major Advances in Diatomite Materials Science and Products

EP Minerals Research and Development Test Methods

EP Minerals has developed new test methods and new diatomite filtration products. The company has filed several patent applications related to these inventions.

The crystalline silica content has an impact on the properties of our products and has been of interest to a number of our customers for some time. Diatomite products are almost unique among mineral products, in that diatomite ores actually contain little or no crystalline silica, and most of the crystalline silica in our products is formed during our manufacturing process. We now understand how to precisely control the mineralogy of diatomite as it changes during thermal processing.

We are committed to bringing new, cutting-edge technologies to our customers. Our recent advances in the materials science of diatomite are exciting.

EP Minerals' new test method is the subject of a currently pending patent application PCT/US16/37830 that is owned by EP Minerals, LLC, a U.S. Silica Company. EP Minerals also owns related patent applications directed to diatomite products, namely, PCT/US16/37816 and PCT/US16/37826, and biogenic silica/expanded perlite composite products, namely, PCT/US15/065572.