About Us

U.S. Silica owns EP Minerals. U.S,Silica is a NYSE-listed industrial minerals company that produces silica sand, frac sand, ground silica, and specialty minerals. The company is headquartered in Katy, TX, and has a strong US footprint as well as an international presence.

EP Minerals continues to mine, manufacture, and produce the diatomaceous earth, perlite and clay products you've always known us for under the U.S. Silica ownership.

U.S. Silica is committed to providing customers with the highest quality industrial minerals, product performance, R&D, and a strong product pipeline. We will continue to grow our business with a focus on innovation, new products, and what you've always known us for: quality, technical expertise, & our high-touch customer service.

U.S. Silica supports investment in our plants, R&D efforts, and new product development as we work with you on innovative solutions, new markets, and applications. You can expect to receive the same high level of service from your same support team at EP Minerals.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your salesperson or your customer service representative.