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Our incredible minerals are used in hundreds of different ways every day. From more traditional applications like filtration for beer and wine or as a functional additive in paint or pesticides, to arsenic removal and biomaterials, the wide variety of applications for our minerals continues to grow. We pride ourselves on having the technical experience to provide you with solutions for your challenging applications. Please choose your application from the list below for more information.

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Our Top Applications


EP Minerals has been leading the way in absorbent technology and helping clean up the world. From small floor spills to large scale industrial accidents and hazardous waste spills, our absorbent products made from diatomaceous earth and montmorillonite clay continue to meet the challenge.

Fertilizer carrier

EP Minerals' products are highly effective fertilizer carrier/drier additives composed of special grades of natural dried diatomaceous earth or montmorillonite clay and are used to aid in the incorporation of liquid additives (i.e. nitrogen stabilizers, liquid nutrients, insecticides, etc.) in dry fertilizer blends.


From catalyts to kitty litter, animal feed to soil amendments, filter sheet materials to paper and pulp, DE, Perlite and Clay are often used as fillers and blending agents because of their inert properties.

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EP Minerals' diatomaceous earth and perlite filter aid products are nearly always used in processes where the primary goal is the purification of the liquid, with 100% removal of the unwanted solids. These filter aids are available in a full range of grades with different degrees of permeability to meet your specific requirements.

Functional additives

EP Minerals offers an expanding portfolio of specialty minerals and fibers which are used around the world as functional additives in hundreds of interesting applications from catalysts to cosmetics, paper mills to plastic molders.

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EP Minerals' Groundskeepers' Choice infield products are used at major league, minor league, college and high school fields all around the US. These calcined clay products give you the variety, quality and performance you need to keep your infield safe, playable and moisture-controlled.

Kitty litter

EP Minerals mines the highest quality all-natural diatomaceous earth, perlite and clay for easy blending for the pet litter market. Consumers want all natural and organic when it comes to their pets' products and the environment.

Seed coating

Natural diatomaceous earth (DE) powders are a vital ingredient in high-performance seed coatings. Whether for building up a thick coating to make very small seeds large enough for mechanical planting, or providing a thin protective coating on larger crop seeds such as soybeans, DE will add important performance characteristics to the coating.

Soil amendment

EP Minerals' diatomaceous earth and calcined clay products are premium soil amendments designed to reduce water usage, improve drainage, reduce soil compaction and improve plant health.


Today, diatomaceous earth is used in a wide variety of adhesive products such as high performance laminating materials, floor sealant and vinyl flooring and is also used as a filler in many sealants and caulks.

Water purification

EP Minerals' patented adsorptive granular filter media is the perfect solution for safe and stable removal of arsenic and other contaminants: phosphate, chromium, selenium, fluoride, antimony and lead from drinking water.

Other EP Minerals Applications

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