Current Messages

October 31, 2017

Dear Customer:

In efforts to continuously seek improvement throughout our organization, we are happy to inform you of a change that is taking place to our 2S25 bulk bags. You will notice a band around the bottom of the bag. This band will help to improve the ability to load the bag into trucks and there will be less overhang on pallets (which means less chance of a bag getting torn during loading/unloading). Read More...

January 28, 2016

EP Minerals is continually striving to improve product quality and availability and occasionally we find it necessary to modify our product specifications. Being able to run our systems without upsets or interruptions helps improve overall product quality and consistency. Effective March 1st, 2016 we will implement the changes as notified here.

For products CB-12, CB-6, FW-12, FW-6, FP-6 and FP-12 the minimum +150 specification will be changed from 3% to 1.5%. Permeability specification will be changed as follows:

FP-2 90 – 160 milidarcies 90 – 150 milidarcies
FP-4 240 – 440 milidarcies 260 – 440 milidarcies
FW-12 650 – 1200 milidarcies 650 – 1150 milidarcies
FW-14 1100 – 1800 milidarcies 1100 – 1700 milidarcies
FW-20 1675 – 3000 milidarcies 1700 – 3000 milidarcies

These changes will result in overall improved product consistency and availability with no negative impact on product performance.

Please update any of your internal records, specifications, or receiving inspection to reflect these changes as applicable to the products you currently purchase. Please also note that this change will also effect any of your ship-to locations. They will not be receiving a letter.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact your EP Minerals sales or customer service representative.

Donald Hancock
Corporate Quality Manager
EP Minerals, LLC

January 21, 2016

To: All AxisDE® Customers

RE: New bag design for AxisDE

We have recently made a change to the look of our Axis bag because we have added a new clay product, Axis Ceramic ®, to our Axis product line and we wanted to differentiate the two products. Read More...

October 5, 2015

EP Minerals Bags and GHS Implementation

Dear Valued Customer:

As of June 1st 2015 EP Minerals, LLC was required to comply with new Global Harmonized System (GHS) regulations regarding warning labels on bags. In order to meet this new requirement it was necessary to create a new warning label for several of our bag types. In addition, the color of the Kraft paper used to produce these bags is now white (rather than brown). The product and bag specifications have not changed, only the appearance of the bags. Bags that did not require a label change will continue to be brown Kraft paper bags.

GHS regulations vary by country and by product so it is possible that some customers might receive only white paper bags, or only brown paper bags, or a combination of the two. Please be assured that the product has not changed, only the bags have changed.

Thank You,
Jonas Pearce
Product Manager

EP Minerals Wins IMA North America Safety Award

The Industrial Minerals Association for Northern Nevada has awarded EP Minerals the IMA Safety Award for 2014 Safety Performance at our Lovelock Mine and also for the Clark Plant. Each of those operations worked over 200,000 employee hours without a MSHA reportable injury or fatality during 2014. This makes EP Minerals one of the few operations among the IMA North America to receive this award, according to Darrell Smith, executive vice president of the IMA.

“We are vigilant about safety every day throughout our company," said President/CEO Gregg Jones. “Safety is one of our core fundamentals and we're committed to keeping our employees safe and running our plants and mines safely. We are very pleased to receive this IMA award," added Jones.

In its recognition program for excellence in worker safety, the IMA North American strives to ensure that miners leave the workplace each and every day as injury free as they entered. The IMA believes that mining companies that achieve excellence in the control of miner injuries deserve recognition for their outstanding safety effort. This achievement recognition program seeks to provide that recognition, and motivate others to enhance their own safety performance.

Color Change Notification of Certain Vale, Oregon- based DE filter aids, FW12 – FW20 Grades

Dear Valued Customer:

EP Minerals, LLC is announcing a specification change to our FW12, FW14, FW18, and FW20 products produced at our Vale, Oregon facility. In order to maintain our high quality standards for filtration excellence and assure long-term supply capabilities, we are lowering the color specification of these products in order to maintain long term filtration performance characteristics. Read More...