EP Minerals introduces Traction Pro all weather, all season, traction control product

October 8, 2015

Unique calcined clay performance aggregate provides instant traction in mud, snow and ice

EP Minerals, LLC, a global leader in industrial minerals, today announced the launch of Traction Pro, a new all weather, all season, traction product with no added chemicals, designed to provide instant traction in mud, snow and ice. Traction Pro's unique 100% calcined clay formula provides a sandpaper-like traction grip when applied to roads or slippery surfaces, dramatically improving driving and walking conditions.

“Traction Pro is a whole new kind of traction control product," said Jeff Kitchens, vice president of performance aggregates for EP Minerals. “It'll give you traction in the snow, ice, mud – you name it- and there are no added chemicals, so it won't harm trees, grass, concrete or asphalt like a salt product would," he added. “Plus, Traction Pro is unique in that it embeds into the ice and snow and continues to work even with constant thaw and refreezing."

Traction Pro is handy to keep in your car or truck, around the house, and at the office to use in any kind of bad weather that produces slick conditions. Traction Pro helps prevent “slip and falls" and is the clear choice in traction control products with no added chemicals. Its natural brick red color makes for easy visibility on ice and snow without any additives or dyes.

To learn more about Traction Pro, contact EP Minerals at 1-800-366-7607 or online at https://epminerals.com/products/traction-pro.