It's a White Out! EP Minerals' Celatom Brights for Paint & Coatings

April 18, 2016

Get out your sunglasses. It's the brightest white diatomaceous earth (DE) and perlite available and perfect for the paint & coatings industry. It's Celatom Brights™, EP Minerals new line of functional additives, engineered just for paint and coatings. This week we're in Indianapolis, Indiana at the American Coatings Show. We're there talking about our new line of high-efficiency materials for matting, texture and rheology. Our Celatom Brights product line includes flux-calcined DE, natural virtually crystalline silica (CS) free DE, perlite, cellulose and polyethylene (PE) thixotropes.

We're excited about this new product line for a few reasons. They're virtually CS-free products, which means you'll spend less time on regulatory issues. They're lower density, which gives you more performance with less additive. They improve TiO2 spacing. Oh, and did we mention? They're really bright white.

Our natural virtually CS free DE product:

  • CelaWhite™, the brightest natural DE available

Advantages of our natural grades:

  • Lower density than competing products so you need less product
  • Superior opacity and flatting
  • Superior 60° and 85° gloss control
  • Less porosity, more stain resistant
  • High brightness
  • Uniform diatom distribution