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[+] Blue Ribbon™ Premium Clay Cat Litter

Kitten in litter box 600x450
Kitten in litter box 600x450 Blue ribbon clay 25lb   8lb 600x450
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Blue Ribbon Premium Clay Cat Litter is a traditional clay Cat Litter, made from montmorillonite clay minerals to absorb moisture and neutralize odors. Simply pour Blue Ribbon Premium Cat Litter to a depth of at least 3 inches in the cat litter tray. Because of Blue Ribbon Premium Cat Litter's absorbent and odor control qualities, the cat litter won't need to be changed as often. Just remove solid waste on a regular basis for sanitary purposes; completely change Blue Ribbon Premium Cat Litter as needed. Your cat's good habits will be encouraged by cleaning the tray with hot water and soap whenever the litter is changed. Store litter in a dry place.

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