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[+] Florisil® Filter Aid for Pesticide and Contaminant Removal

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Premier Magnesium Silicate Product Florisil Removes Pesticides and Contaminants From Cannabis.

Provide your customers high quality, cannabis and hemp extracts and concentrates that are free of many widely-used pesticides. You can trust Florisil®, a synthetic amorphous magnesium silicate, and an established industry standard for adsorbing pesticides and other undesirable contaminants to produce clearer and more attractive products. Florisil benefits:

  • Effectively remove many commonly used pesticides and color
  • Remove haze and obtain crystal-clear extracts
  • Minimize loss of your high-value components

Pesticide Removal From Cannabis and Hemp

Today, cannabis and hemp farmers are required to follow strict regulations on the use of pesticides. Regardless, cannabis and hemp extracts are often found to be contaminated with pesticides, leading to serious issues for manufacturers including profit loss. Since the 1960s, U.S. Silica's Florisil has been established as an industry standard for effective pesticide adsorption from agricultural, environmental and other analytical samples. Florisil is excellent for pesticide removal from cannabis extracts. Recent case studies demonstrate Florisil's performance:

Case Study 1:
A contaminated cannabis extract (120.8 ppm of pesticides) was cleaned using Florisil PR. (125 g of cannabis extract was dissolved in an alkane, applied to a column of Florisil PR (1 kg), and eluted with additional alkane.)

Case Study 2:
A hemp extract was spiked with 53 regulated pesticides (>300 ppm). This spiked extract was cleaned using Florisil PR. (4 g of hemp extract dissolved in hexane was applied to a 40 g column of Florisil PR. The valuable components were eluted with hexane, and finally the pesticides were eluted with methanol for analysis.)

Pesticides that were removed:
Acephate Daminozide Fludioxonil MGK 264 Pyrethrin I
Acetamiprid Diazinon Hexythiazox Myclobutanil Pyridaben
Aldicarb Dichlorvos Imazalil Oxamyl Spinosad
Azoxystrobin Dimethoat Imidacloprid Paclobutrazol Spirotetramat
Bifenazate Ethoprophos Kresoxim-Methyl Parathion Methyl Spiroxamine
Boscalid Fenoxycarb Malathion Phosmet Thiacloprid
Carbaryl Fenpyroximat Metalaxyl Piperonyl butoxide Thiamethoxam
Carbofuran Fipronil Methiocarb Propiconazole Trifloxystrobin
Chlorantraniliprol Flonicamid Methomyl Propoxur

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