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[+] PurifiDE XG, Purified Siliceous Earth USP-NF Filter Aids for filtration of food, beverages, and chemicals

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PurifiDE® XG-1, PurifiDE XG-3, and PurifiDE XG-12 Purified Siliceous Earth USP-NF Filter Aids labeled, 'Not intended for use in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing' (NIPM) are recommended for use in the production of delicate food and beverage products, such as nutraceuticals, luxury brands of bourbon and other spirits, and for the filtration of unstable chemicals that are prone to modification by exposure to even low levels of elemental impurities.

Typical uses include:

  • Separation of high value oils and fats used as nutraceuticals or in cosmetics (polyunsaturated fats are easily oxidized by low levels of metallic elemental impurities)
  • Filtration and clarification of distilled spirits, such as bourbon, whiskey, and rum
  • Filtration of beverages, such as sake and green tea that can be spoiled by contamination with low levels of leached iron
  • Removal of particulates from unstable organic and inorganic liquid chemicals at high or low temperatures

Manufacturing Process

PurifiDE® XG USP-NF Purified Siliceous Earth (NIPM) are made entirely in the USA from unique low-density DE ores and well-controlled manufacturing processes which include calcination and further purification in a closed facility that follows, at minimum, an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System and Good Manufacturing Practices. The manufacturing processes yield products which meet the purity standards of the Monograph on Purified Siliceous Earth in the United States Pharmacopeia-National Formulary (USP 40-NF 35). The manufacturing processes also reduce leachable elemental impurities to trace levels (Table 1).

Quality Control

PurifiDE® XG Purified Siliceous Earth USP-NF NIPM products are released for sale after quality control testing in a cGMP compliant QC laboratory. One composite sample is tested from every manufacturing batch (450 kgs) and every test result must meet the requirements of the Monograph on Purified Siliceous Earth (USP 40-NF 35) before release for sale. Tests listed on the C of A for PurifiDE® XG USP-NF Purified Siliceous Earth NIPM are shown in Table 2. Please contact your EP Minerals Sales professional to obtain copies of Certificates of Analysis for PurifiDE XG Purified Siliceous Earth USP-NF NIPM.

Quality Documentation

Please request quality documents from your EP Minerals sales professional.

Packaging and Labeling

PurifiDE XG-1®, PurifiDE XG-3 and PurifiDE XG-12 Purified Siliceous Earth USP-NF (NIPM) are packaged in lined paper bags (Figure 1). Each bag contains 28.7 lbs. (13 kg) net of product and carries a label with details of the contents (Figure 2). Please inquire with your EP Minerals sales professional for additional packaging formats, including bulk-bags.

Figure 1. Lined paper bag containing PurifiDE XG-12 USP-NF Purified Siliceous Earth (Not Intended for use in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing). Each bag contains 28.7 lbs. (13 kg) of product.

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