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[+] Qualisorb® Diatomaceous Earth Granular Absorbent

Qualisorb bag 600x450
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Remarkable value Qualisorb® is the most efficient way to soak up liquid spills wherever you need to absorb unwanted liquid. Nothing is easier to use. Simply spread Qualisorb on spills and let it do the work! It really is that easy! Unlike clay products which become wet, sticky and heavy, Qualisorb stays dry and manageable, making it easy to remove. The difference is diatomite, Nature's super sponge. Diatomite or diatomaceous earth (DE) is able to absorb significantly more liquid than most other granular materials. Which means you can do more for less... less effort, less money!

  • Absorbs More Liquid Per Bag Than the Competition
  • Using Less Material Saves Time and Money
  • Quickly Absorbs Spills
  • Non-WHMIS Controlled
  • Promotes Safety by Reducing Slip Hazards

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