Blair, Nebraska

EP Minerals Blair Plant located in Blair, NE
EP Minerals Blair Plant located in Blair, NE

Our new perlite plant in Blair, Nebraska has just opened up. “We're very excited to open this new Blair perlite plant to service our customers in Nebraska and throughout the Midwest," said Gregg Jones, President of EP Minerals. “Blair is the perfect location to us because of how close we are to key customers," added Jones.

The Nebraska Manufacturing Advisory Council made a very interesting analogy of the opening of the Blair plant on their blog. “For the manufacturing world, EP Minerals, LLC opening in Blair is a lot like Beyonce coming to perform at the CenturyLink and deciding to stay forever." Here's a link to the rest of the blog post:

Blair is a city located in eastern Nebraska on the Missouri River, just north of the metropolitan area Omaha. Blair stands on the cross roads of US Highway 30, US Highway 75 and Nebraska Highway 91.

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Blair Plant

450 South Industrial Park Drive
Blair, NE 68008

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