Golden Gate Capital owners of EP Minerals

Since August 2011, EP Minerals has been owned by Golden Gate Capital, a leading US private equity firm based in San Francisco. Golden Gate has a diverse portfolio of companies with approximately US $15 billion in committed capital. Their companies are in industrial manufacturing, software, semiconductors, retail, and financial services. Many of their retail companies are household names.

Golden Gate's investor base is large and stable, focusing on long-term growth. Investors include several prominent universities, charitable foundations, international governments, and international banks.

Golden Gate helps EP Minerals build our core markets, develop new markets and applications for our products, expand our reach around the globe, and broaden our product line with the addition of new specialty mineral products for our portfolio.

Board of Directors
Rajeev Amara - Golden Gate Capital
Rajeev Amara

Robert Kirby
Dave Kesselica - Golden Gate Capital
Dave Kesselica
Gregg Jones, President and CEO/Board of Director
Gregg Jones