EP Minerals, LLC Launches BallGame Changer and Play Ball! Baseball Infield Solutions

December 14, 2014

New Groundskeeper's Choice Product Line Includes Premier Infield Conditioner, Drying Agent, and Mound Clay

Reno, NV - EP Minerals, LLC, a global leader in industrial minerals, today launched BallGame Changer™ with KT3™, a patent-pending premier infield conditioner, the Play Ball!® drying agent, Play Ball! mound clay, and the Play Ball! infield conditioner. These new baseball infield products comprise the complete line of Groundskeeper's Choice 100% natural, high-performance super calcined clay solutions.

“These specially designed products have been successfully performance-tested at major league, minor league, college, and high school fields around the U.S. with excellent results. BallGame Changer and the PlayBall! products keep your infields safe with better traction, and your infield remains more playable because they do a great job of controlling moisture," said EP Minerals' Vice President of Performance Aggregates, Jeff Kitchens.
“BallGame Changer with KT3 is a revolutionary new clay product," said Kitchens. “KT3 is a patent-pending surface technology that changes how the BallGame Changer product interacts with water. You can apply the normal amount of water and conditioner with BallGame Changer as you use today and maintain a higher moisture level for nine innings, reducing dust and additional maintenance factors," he added.

Play Ball! comes in a drying agent, mound clay, and conditioner. All of the Groundskeeper's Choice infield products are designed to last longer, reduce dust and water usage, and provide better traction for safer playability. To learn more about BallGame Changer and Play Ball!, click here.