EP Minerals, LLC announces price increases for diatomite, perlite and cellulose

September 16, 2015

EP Minerals, LLC, a global leader in industrial minerals, announced today that it is implementing a 3-8% price increase across all grades of diatomite, perlite and cellulose products effective November 1, 2015, or as existing contracts allow. The increase will be applied in all regions globally. The price increase is necessary to offset inflationary pressure in the industrial mineral business with the rise in costs related to exploration and mining, regulatory compliance, packaging, an increase in soda ash pricing, and energy costs at EP Minerals' manufacturing plants.

About EP Minerals

EP Minerals, LLC is a worldwide leader in diatomaceous earth (DE), clay and perlite. These unique minerals are used as filter aids, absorbents and functional additives serving dozens of diverse markets including food and beverage, biofuels, swimming pool, landscape, sports turf, paint, plastics and insecticides. EP Minerals also produces patented water purification media and arsenic removal products. For more information, visit www.epminerals.com.