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[+] PurifiDE® High Purity Diatomaceous Earth Filter Aid

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PurifiDE®, our purest diatomaceous earth filter media (permeability 300 mD or 1200 mD) are used for filtering high value liquids where extractable elements are of concern. PurifiDE is manufactured using proprietary and controlled manufacturing and quality control processes to meet USP-NF standards for Purified Siliceous Earth. Extractable elements of common concern are below 10 ppm (arsenic below 1 ppm).

PurifiDE is ideal for:

  • Plasma fractionation
  • Clarification of cell culture supernatants, and fermentation broths
  • Purification of delicate oils sensitive to oxidization
  • Filtration of cell culture media components, including peptides and peptones
  • Distilled beverage filtration
    • Whiskey and bourbon
    • Sake
    • Green tea

Why the world's best bourbon deserves the highest purity diatomaceous earth filter aid

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