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[+] PurifiDE® XG USP-NF, Purified Siliceous Earth (high purity diatomaceous earth) Filter Aids

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EP Minerals' PurifiDE® XG USP-NF Purified Siliceous Earth filter aids are designed for use with pressure filtration systems, to separate solids from aqueous or organic liquids --in situations where leachable impurities from standard food-grade diatomite could negatively impact the filtrate. The use of PurifiDE® XG USP-NF Purified Siliceous Earth ensures that such impurities do not contaminate and alter, or reduce the shelf-life of high-value products. Applications include filtration of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), labile chemicals, delicate nutraceuticals, easily oxidized oils, and vitamins, and luxury grades of bourbons, whiskeys, and sakes.

PurifiDE® XG USP-NF, Purified Siliceous Earth filter aids are made using unique diatomaceous earth (DE) ores and proprietary purification processes that result in filter media which are superior to food-grade (FCC) DE filter aids in filtration performance, purity, usage rate, lot-to-lot consistency, and provision of regulatory support.

Use PurifiDE® XG USP-NF, Purified Siliceous Earth filter aids to:

  • Save time and resources with longer cycle-times and higher flow rates compared to food-grade DEs with similar permeabilities
  • Reduce usage compared to conventional DE filter aids (lower density of PurifiDE® XG, means less product is needed to form equivalent filter cake volume)
  • Obtain clean, uncontaminated filtrates (reduce ICH Q3D Class, 1, 2A and 3 elemental impurities to trace-levels)
  • Eliminate crystalline silica from your manufacturing work-area (PurifiDE® XG USP-NF filter aids contain no detectable crystalline silica*)

PurifiDE® XG USP-NF Purified Siliceous Earth Filter Aids products are currently available in three different water permeabilities:

  • PurifiDE® XG-1 (100 mD)
  • PurifiDE® XG-3 (300 mD)
  • PurifiDE® XG-12 (1200 mD)
  • PurifiDE XG products with permeabilities up to 3 Darcy are available upon request

For additional information about the two major application areas for EP Minerals' PurifiDE® XG USP-NF Purified Siliceous Earth Filter Aids click links below

Filtration of drug products in cGMP manufacturing of APIs

Filtration of delicate foods, beverages, and chemicals

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