Environmental Sustainability - Green Initiatives, Spent Cake Recycling, Reclamation Efforts, Operational Efficiencies and Natural Alternatives

From our energy efficiency programs at our plants and in working with customers to reduce carbon footprint, to using less energy and water, to our spent cake recycling programs and mine reclamation efforts, EP is committed to improving and protecting the environment. We're bringing all-natural, organic products to the marketplace with fertilizer carriers, paint and coatings additives, insecticides and animal feed additives. Learn more about our recent success with spent cake recycling:

New! Read "DE Spent Filter Cake Recycling: A Resource or a Waste?" by Andrew Welford in the MBAA Technical Quarterly: http://hubs.ly/y0lw4r0.

Recycling Diatomaceous Earth Spent Cake from Filtration into a Fertilizer

Recycling DE spent cake into compost at Sonoma Compost

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