Innovation & Engineered Materials

EP Minerals Research and Development - Innovation and Engineered Minerals

Science and technology are playing an ever increasing role in new product innovation in the world of industrial minerals today. Here at EP Minerals, we are committed to innovating, developing and manufacturing revolutionary new products from our diatomaceous earth (DE), perlite, clay and cellulose blends. These new products, which we call engineered materials, expand the current boundaries of what our minerals have been known to do, as we work with customers to provide innovative solutions and develop new markets and applications.

  • A full Research & Development team committed to new product development
  • We engineer minerals using DE, perlite, clay and cellulose blends to create unique, high-performance products for industrial and consumer use

Recently, we've developed several new patented and patent-pending products:

  • PurifiDE®: Acid-washed, high purity filter aid
  • CelaPool™: Revolutionary low dust swim pool filter media
  • CelaBrew®: Low metals, low sodium filter aid for brewing
  • Shield Release: Surface-treated, flux-calcined product designed as a high-temperature release agent in the manufacture of automotive safety glass
  • DEsect®: Natural insecticide, no chemicals
  • MP-80: Frac carrier for biocides, paraffin wax, scale and corrosion inhibitors