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[+] NXT®-2 Arsenic Removal Filter Media

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“In the United States and around the world, NXT-2 is proving to be a very cost-effective filter media for arsenic removal."
- Sidney Mascarenhas, Water Technical Sales Manager, EP Minerals

NXT®-2 is a patented adsorptive granular filter media for removing arsenic from drinking water. A mixed-metal product, NSF-certified NXT-2 is uniquely formulated for high arsenic adsorption, while providing safe and stable removal. NXT-2's benefits include:

  • Removes arsenic to meet regulatory standard.
  • High capacity for arsenic adsorption.
  • Provides the lowest adsorptive treatment cost per 1000 gallons.
  • Removes arsenic in waters up to pH of 10 without chemical pretreatment.
  • Retains bound arsenic during pH upset.
  • Effectively removes arsenic in the presence of competing ions, including silica and phosphate.
  • Removes other contaminants - phosphate, chromium, selenium, fluoride, antimony, lead and more.
  • Dry media - Easy to use, free flowing.
  • Meets TCLP requirements after breakthrough.

NXT-2 is an adsorptive media. The ideal solution will be dependent on your system size and water quality. Please fill out the "NXT-2 Water Quality Questionnaire" and return it to We will let you know if our technology is appropriate for your system and what you should use.

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